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MFC read data from the Excel table

Application backgroundTo help users without using a database table, the use of Excel data table as a data storage medium, meet the requirements of the system using the data, it is convenient for user to directly use the data, so you do not have to create a new data tableKey TechnologyThe use of Exce...

GPIB Control using VC++

VC++ code for GPIB control This will control GPIB488 devices using a GUI...

MFC-based music player stunning interface design

MFC music player based design, the use of the MFC music player interface design, and the Visual c ++ 6.0 platform according to become, stunning style interface, but at the same timeGraceful style interface, the code is relatively complete, high efficiency can be achieved to add music files, delete,...

Great wisdom of the 365DLL plug-in sample design

Stock trading software provided by the indicator function is also inadequate, need user again using C++ language development. This sample used for DLL plugins to write a primer on the beyond the basics....


超市管理系统基于MFC对话框建立的一个管理系统,其中包括 以下功能:1.前台销售结帐。 2.基本信息管理。3.基本信息查询。4.日结查询。5.超市小票打印。  使用本系统,请按照以下流程操作: 1.首先在后台管理...

boiling UDF

The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate the modeling of forced convection subcoolednucleate boiling using the in-built boiling model available under Eulerian multiphase model.This tutorial demonstrates how to do the following: Generate a single phase ow solution and use the fully-develo...

LBF face alignment algorithms c++ Edition

The source code written by c++ and reconstruct the "Face Alignment at 3000 FPS via Regressing Local Binary Features  " face alignment algorithm in the cvpr2014 article....

Luna 3944 share source code

Luna 3944 share source code, you can modify the grade, shout, jump map etc.The rm3944 server level limit modification technology released scream! 1 open source code compilation rm3944.cpp file! 2 CMP DWORD PTR [ESI+0x37F8] lookup field, 10 - 10 show this game is in the level of restrictions, just sh...

Library management system

Application backgroundA small student library management system for school environment. Can carry out student information and book information input, delete, modify and some other operations. Simple and practical.Key TechnologyUse C++ programming, use the module, and the virtual functions and databa...

QT implementation of the PC lock screen

Application backgroundQT to achieve the PC lock screen program, first run the password program, the lock screen program to run after the system is required to be notified in the system, such as other windows will not be careful to block the password, Ctrl + Alt + Del combination key to call up the t...

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