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Application backgroundIf you develop a new program, and you want it to be of the greatest possible use to the public, the best way to achieve this is to make it free software which everyone can redistribute and change under these terms.   To do so, attach the following notices to the pro...

SDK's winter spore stack

Application backgroundPara formatear SAGEM EFT930S TPV tenemos que hacer lo siguiente: 1. Reinicie el terminal pulsando el botón de corrección (botón amarillo) y "." Simultáneamente 2. Pulse el botón F1. Cuando el asterisco (*) símbolo aparece en la pantalla, a continuación, pulse F4, F2 y...

Book borrowing information analysis system

Since entering the 21st century, increasing library user and distribution is broader and more diffuse. With the development of computer technology of the network and user information is timely, accurate and personalized services have higher requirements. To provide users with better service, become...

Print and preview in the dialog box

Application backgroundPrint and preview in the dialog box, the basic principle is derived from the CFrameWnd, CScrollView and CPreviewView three classes, that is, through the CFrameWnd to do the intermediary in the dialog based program to achieve print preview function...

Achievement system development

Application backgroundAPPLICATION CONSOLE: student achievement management system...

Northeastern University c++ big operation

Application backgroundC++ elective course of Northeastern University........ Supermarket management system, not too much content is relatively simple, but the results are good....

A backgammon program

Application backgroundUsing c++ Gobang procedures, no written interface console display, code easy to understand, very suitable for beginners....

My private code

================================================================================     MICROSOFT FOUNDATION CLASS LIBRARY : TaskBarSample Project Overview =============================================================================== The application wizard has created this TaskBarSam...

Simulation of automatic door opening

This project is dedicated to be used in securised door opening. Our objectif is to realize a hole solution to let only authorized people to pass on a door. It can be used on labos or secured facilities It's devided on two parts:The first one is a facial recognition programm that allow to know if thi...

transform square wave and register value each other

tool for hardware and software. base on some rule. you set the register value, then square wave will be shown.on the other side, if you setting the square wave , the register value will be is helpful for the hardware and software who want to adjust the wave. especially for who want to...


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