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QT-based hotel management system

friendly accommodation can be achieved on, consumption, control of people and goods....

QR code recognition

QR code recognition, simple cut of QR image, quantify, noise removal, correction, and finally identify information on QR codes....

OCR text recognition

too difficult.In fact Microsoft Office2003 launched an OCR module has a good support for Chinese (a brand of no less than the domestic product). There may be many people noticed this nice stuff, but MS_OCR on the VC++ haven't seen the interface and usage disclosure.I publish here a model made of MS_...

aodv protocol

demand ad hoc routing protocols and assist users in determining the implementation design that best fits their needs....

Motion control card

The solid high GTS motion control card in the implementation of linear perspective pretreatment interpolation process, including coordinate system is established, the implementation of the cache area interpolation, display coordinates and prospective processing programming, for novice users have ver...

Supermarkets and inventory management system

family:宋体;">超市进销存管理系统应该具有以下功能: l          前台销售结帐。 l          基本信息管理。 l        &nb...

C++ MOPSO code

size:14px;">本人新研究的一个MOPSO(多目标粒子群算法),用于各种优化计算,C++编译,非常好用, 何选择带领者呢? MOPSO在存档中选择一个粒子跟随。如何选择呢?根据网格划分,假设每个网格中粒子数个,i代表第几个网...

Restaurant management system

family:宋体;">This system has three kind of operation permission, which, brokers only can implementation clan, and order, and pay and the query day income operation; foreman can implementation clan, and order, and pay, and purchase, and added new staff, and day income and the months income query,...

XML Copy Editor

XML Copy Editor is a fast, free, validating XML editor, focusing on editing document markup languages like DITA, DocBook, WordprocessingML. It features DTD/XML Schema/RELAX NG validation, XSLT, XPath, pretty-printing, syntax highlighting, folding, tag completion/locking, and a spelling/sty...

Power system 104 protocol

The realization of power system 101 protocol, can be in strict accordance with the country's network requirements, meet the requirement of power system, is a beginner or developers an importantreference....


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