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OPNET approach to ALOHA

collision multiple data transmission. the result of this approach can be seen through its throughput where it measure the rate of transmission-attempts multiplied by the probability of success. The higher the traffic load the lower the throughput. ...

Leach in WSN use Omnet++

Use OMne++ achive the leach algorithm, and run OK, please check out, abd enjoy the code ,if there some error,pls contact me, ...

CAODV code

space:nowrap;">认知无线电网络在 NS2 上 caodv (认知 adhoc 的点播矢量) 路由协议的执行情况...

NYU tinylinker code

A small linker, system-level programming course design。 You are to implement a two-pass linker in C, C++, or Java and submit the source code, which we will compile and run. The target machine is word addressable and has a memory of 600 words, each consisting of 4 decimal digits. The f...

Typical case of VC++ serial communication

VC++6.0 typical example of serial communication, including communication between PC and PC, PC machine and one-chip computer and PC and intelligent instrument and other instances of serial communications...

C++MFC calculator

A simple calculator, source code, code structure is simple, easy to understand, easy to operate, fully functional, it is a very simple calculator, has the reference value very much, for starters, not ugly know a program, easy to learn C++ programming process, scores classes, member functions, destru...

Qt to jerk off

This is a QT game, very much like ordinary we jerk off, though the interface is not, but it can be considered a success story, welcome to download, which is reproduced to others, hope that can help you learn ~...

Alarm clock design program

Simple alarm clock program written in c++ language, can achieve a set date, time and alarm clock reminder! Very useful!!...

VC++ game development

Here are some facts about VC++ game programming code, there's a lot of code, by studying and reading the code, you can more deeply understand for C++ game programming, and also on the game development process, developed a deeper understanding...

DSR for linux Linux可以使用此文件为Linux操作系统...

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