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INS_Kalman Kalman filtering program GPS INS navigation example

space:nowrap;"> 基带测量信号处理的算法:1.最小二乘曲线拟合法2.线性滤波方法3.非线性滤波方法非线性滤波方法就是和深组合导航系统中利用联邦卡尔曼滤波的方法是一样的,基带信号处理相当于联邦卡尔曼滤波中的局部滤波器...

GPS module test procedures

GPS module test procedures #include "display.h" GPS_INFO GPS; //GPS information structure /**************************************** Constant definitions Be careful not defined in header files *****************************************/ UCHAR code beiwei[]= "latitude"; UCHAR c...

RTCM arranges the decoding source program

RTCM SC104 standard from international shipping radio technical Commission (Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services) in November 1983, the GNSS differential signal format. Here is his codec source code...


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