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EEG monitoring

Achieve EEG acquisition and real-time display of the waveform, waveform display speed can be adjusted in size, values you can set in, and the ability to save data, easy data analysis and processing...

Smart home PC control program

SIZING: border-box; LINE-HEIGHT: 20px; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff; MARGIN-TOP: 0px; FONT-FAMILY: 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; WHITE-SPACE: normal; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 10px; COLOR: #333333; FONT-SIZE: 14px">免费发布智能家居室内控制上位机程序,使用TCP/IP进行连接,...

water meter collector testing demo

 water meter collector used for verify water metet protocal ,tcp/ip transmiting producing and data exchang. it is good for you project as reference and be quickly promote it to market, good luck for you. Concentrators for meter testing had been completed in the background verify is now in volum...

Modified AODV

size:16px;">修改后的 AODV (R AODV) 协议发现路线按需使用反向路由发现过程。在路由发现过程源节点和目标节点从发送控制消息的一些作用。因而在接收 RREQ 以后消息,目的地节点洪水反向请求 (R-RREQ),查找源节点。何时源节点...

TCP server

size:16px;">TCP服务器的程序与客户端请求的响应;传输控制协议(英语:Transmission Control Protocol, TCP)是一种面向连接的、可靠的、基于字节流的传输层通信协议,由IETF的RFC 793定义。在简化的计算机网络OSI模型中,它完成第四层传...

Io Completion Socket Server

size:0px;"> 高度可扩展、 多处理器 高度可扩展、 多处理器...

IO Completion Port Client

This is using Io Completion Port technique to make connection with server. Io Completion Port if highly efficient technique for client server programming....

NDK HTTP Download

family:宋体, 'Microsoft YaHei', 'Segoe UI', Tahoma, Arial;font-size:16px;letter-spacing:0.5px;line-height:19px;white-space:normal;background-color:#F9FCFE;">直接用socket实现HTTP协议通过格式化请求头很容易就能实现断点续传和检查更新等等功能 。...

serial port network trans

space:nowrap;">======================================================================== MICROSOFT 基础类库: 串行端口 ======================================================================== 应用程序向导已创建此串行端口应用程序为您。此应用程序 不只演...

Wireless ad hoc network routing protocols aodv

Wireless ad hoc network routing protocols aodv, is based on the source-driven routing protocol, usually self-organizing wireless network from another two protocols dsr, comparative study dsdv its properties....


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