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Test for Do

family:'Trebuchet MS', Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;font-size:13px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">租赁做你最好要描述您的项目中的详细信息。更好的内容将会为您获得更多积分)...

node creation

size:16px;">此文件包含的信息如何实现无线传感器网络中的 QOS。其中有的 AODV 路由协议的解释。通过使用此路由的协议,我们找出源和目的地之间的最短路径。AODV 是一种关于需求的路由协议。每当我们想要这提供的信息。...


size:16px;">Ad hoc 网络是一个临时的网络,无需使用任何现有的网络基础设施或集中的管理的动态构建的无线移动节点的集合。由于有限的传播范围的无线网络接口,一个节点与另一种数据交换网络中可能需要多个网络"啤酒花&q...

Fingerprint command system

Application background code to access fingerprint udp channel and allow root commands to be executed bypassing the systems authentication and control systems, alllowing users to change passwords,  Key Technology arm fingrprint system based on qt4 althought converting to normal c++ s...

Realization of watchdog

Application backgroundImplementation of watchdog helps to identify the nodes which are misbehaving in the wireless network using NS2.34  Key TechnologyThe above implementation of watchdog is done on AODV routing protocol, Which helps to send the data packets in secured manner....

Voice calls and Internet chat

Application background I had spent long times to develop program for voice and text calling. But it was difficult because hole punching is black hole. UDP or TCP hole punching is very difficult to do, because there are many many kinds of NAT devices and servers, gateways and firewalls,...


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