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Ray tracing

About ray-tracing model source code, there are Japanese writing very useful references from program code can be changed according to your own needs so that it can meet the needs of your own...

FFT-based non-binary LDPC decoding

This program is non-binary LDPC code simulation programs. For AWGN channel, modulation is the BPSK.-This program is used to simulation nonbinary LDPC codes over AWGN channel and BPSK modulation. The decoding algorithm is in the probability domain and with the fast Hadamard transform in the check nod...

QFSK the modulation and demodulation, with the main program in C, compile writin...

QFSK the modulation and demodulation, with the main program in C, compile writing, the modulation and demodulation of the Subprogram...

G711 decoding procedures

This source code is G711 decoder. Welcome to download and try. Thank you all for your support!...

File transfer ActiveX control

VC6.0 based file transfer control of our platform that supports HTTP, FTP transfer, you can transfer multiple files at once, can be transmitted over 4G of large files, and supports resuming. Engineering for ActiveX controls can be embedded directly into the Web browser, supports automatic download a...

USB HID communications examples

USB HID communications program exampleShows the most basic USB communication. And provides a means of communication, you can read instructions from a script file, for USB communication...

Bayesian filtering C ++ class library

Bayesian filtering, such as Kalman filter, particle filter, etc., given a linear or nonlinear dynamic system, using the known vector evaluated observational data and dynamic posterior probability. This resource is a C ++ class library of Bayesian filters, which includes Kalman filter (kalman filter)...

QT to achieve a simple UDP transmission

Application backgroundUDP is lightweight, unreliable, for data - oriented, non - connected protocols, and can also be associated with reliability is not very important in the case of.Programming in the Qt platform, to achieve a simple UDP message transfer to the local host.Qudpsocket classes used to...


Bluetooth HID keyboard source code, adopted CSRBLUELAB27 structure is a good reference value and development value....

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