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Autumn fly feiQ chat

Wrote a simple LAN Chat utility can chat, send some simple games look, pictures, screenshots, files developed using Qt, language using the c++ code has comments, can understand. Need to use Qt to complete run...

Dove source code

LAN communication tool - Dove source code (Windows system)...

Chat program

AppWizard has created this chat program application for you. This applicationnot only demonstrates the basics of using the Microsoft Foundation classesbut is also a starting point for writing your application....

C++ development of LAN chat

Application backgroundGroup chat, private chat, music player (have a play list), graffiti board (can send documents), notepad,File, open the system default browser, screen shots, login screen, save chat.Talk about the main interface, has a toolbar, toolbar functions are to send the file, open the mu...

C++ chat program (client and server)

C++ implementation of chat programs, containing two parts: client and server, establish a connection, you can enable communication between multiple computers. For C++ programs, and reports....

VC++ LAN-based video transmission

AnyChat interactive audio and video development platform (SDK) is a set of cross-platform instant messaging solutions, based on the H.264 video coding standard, AAC audio coding standard with P2P technology, the integration of the Bai Rui technology in audio and video coding, multimedia Communicat...

Word similarity

"Hownet" presents a new method for calculation of Word similarity. At the conceptual level, introduced the concept of similarity between primary categories and calculation rules, combined with the words in the concept of main primary limits essentials to the original class and variable coefficient m...

QT-based chat system

The code is reproduced: On chat system, has not a fresh of topic, probably of features presumably also has feeling, this source code is I in CSDN Shang DOWN of, first had to said she of interface, transparent background (certainly may does not applies, but does not mind we with ornamental of a...

ping examples

This is a ping application in C++ programming language by MFC. you should search internet for some application like this. ...

FTP program

This is an FTP file belongs to the network programming. File transfer, and communications software running on this program you can agree mad run on another machine...


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