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Dove source code

space:nowrap;">局域网通讯工具 - 飞鸽的源代码(windows系统下)...

Chat program


C++ chat program (client and server)

C++ implementation of chat programs, containing two parts: client and server, establish a connection, you can enable communication between multiple computers. For C++ programs, and reports....

VC++ LAN-based video transmission

tab-span" style="white-space:pre;"> AnyChat音视频互动开发平台(SDK)是一套跨平台的即时通讯解决方案,基于先进 的H.264视频编码标准、AAC音频编码标准与P2P技术,整合了佰锐科技在音视频编码、多媒 体通讯领域领先的开发技术和丰...

Word similarity

left:10.5000pt;"> 基于“知网”提出了一种新的词语相似度计算方法。在概念层次上,引入义原类相似度的概念及计算规则,结合词语概念中主要义原类限制次要义原类和变系数法对各义原类加权计算,求得概念相似度;在词语层...

QT-based chat system

The code is reproduced: On chat system, has not a fresh of topic, probably of features presumably also has feeling, this source code is I in CSDN Shang DOWN of, first had to said she of interface, transparent background (certainly may does not applies, but does not mind we with ornamental of a...

ping examples

This is a ping application in C++ programming language by MFC. you should search internet for some application like this. ...

FTP program

This is an FTP file belongs to the network programming. File transfer, and communications software running on this program you can agree mad run on another machine...

QT 4 text chat communications platform for beginners note complete

In client/server written in QT4 platform text chatting program, taking into account the starter needs a simple program to illustrate the QT programming mechanism, a short effective and complete comment procedures would be helpful, so share it. Source code there are two separate projects...


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