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Read obj file is based on MFC

based program is visual studio 2010 project. Which contains several obj model, using the mouse to rotate the model, hold down the ctrl key can slow down the speed of rotation, the model can be scaled via the mouse wheel....

Using OpenGL to create a colored spinning cube

&Nbsp;     OpenGL is used to generate three dimensional graph can believe we are already familiar with basic skills, we use the most basic OpenGL functionality, add the appropriate module to generate the cube case, rendering color and rotation to achieve, for all model for de...

Robot arm OpenGL shader

OpenGL implementation of robot arm, has written in GLSL language vertex processors, fragment processor...

STL data files to read

Create a MFC project, based on OpenGL for the interface, implementation of AutoCAD modeling data file to read and display. STL data stored in the form of triangles, each triangle consists of the normal vector information, as well as three vertices of the triangle coordinate information. Through this...

obj file read

SPACE: normal">完成OpenGL,obj文件的读取。简单易懂,非常好用;完成OpenGL,obj文件的读取。简单易懂,非常好用...

Simulation of three-axis manipulator OpenGL

Based on the MFC project using OpenGL draws a three dimensional model of three-axis industrial robot, moving along the line, you can add a coordinate system, the overall effect is very good....

Ray tracing program

space:nowrap;font-size:14px;"> 光线追踪程序,对初学者来说有一定的借鉴意义,有OpenGL库的可以直接运行,没有的话需要自己配置相关 环境,但是release里编译好的exe可以直接查看效果。...

Clock dial using OPENGL

Programming the clock movement,  using the standard library functions provided by OpenGL, integrated graphics Bresenham algorithm for drawing lines and circles, OpenGL color model RGBA mode, color modes to achieve analogue clock movements, and realize the clock background and hour hand conversi...

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