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Stun server and client

Simple stun server and client program based on C++, for the detection of different types of NAT between the client and the server. Based on c + + simple stun server and the client program, used to detect the different NAT types between client and server....

Wince Socket VC++ communication source code

Perfect WinCE client-side and server-side Socket Communications VC++ source code....

HTTP packet filtering

http packet filtering can be used to implement parental control. Lsp using technology to intercept WSPSend, WSPRecv functions. Data analysis and replacement....

VC + email

VC++ program to send and receive e-mail, set the POP and SMTP server addresses can be realized in local receiving e-mail messages for the specified account, or you can send mail, in simple terms, realizes the function of local view to receive, send, Email, can you expand some more, for example, coup...

Network traffic monitor program (C++)

Network traffic monitor program (C++): This code is a network flow control system based on VC + +, is a perfect  system, there is good free And to share with you , You can refer to the function code to do what you want....

Your FTP client written in standard C++

Program written in C++ standard agreements, according to the standard FTP protocol, using socket programming, the FTP client, that runs under Linux with the Windows down....

SOCKET encapsulation classes

Packaged network socket TCP library, after validation of the project, can be direct successor, as server or client can....

MFC based on WinPcap capture program

Using WinPcap network capture program can parse the common network protocol packets, and is very handy for learning network programming and network debugging. On this basis, you can develop your own Web tools...

Windows based Socket MFC programming chat room function

Application backgroundThis program is composed of two parts of server and client.. Among them:The server starts, in the specified port listening and waiting for a client to connection (join in the chat room) request, and will receive from the client's text (ChAT) information and the server sends its...

LAN chat system based on Qt

Application backgroundLAN chat system based on Qt, LAN chat, file transfer, change fonts, save chat records and other functions, for the study of Qt, the study of local area network communication has a strong learning value.Key TechnologyUdpSocket = QUdpSocket new (this);Port = 45454;UdpSocket->...

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