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Network serial port communication and virtual serial port

Application backgroundWINDOWS under TCP, UDP as a client or service to carry out the message testing, RS232 serial packet test, virtual serial port...

Computer network programming technology \ basic chapter \ seventh chapter IPv6 packet encapsulation and address generation program

Application backgroundThe message contains only the package of IPv6 header,Operating system: Windows  XP  SP2Development language: C++Compile environment: MS  Visual  C++6.0...

UDP transfer files

Use UDP Socket transfer files. 2G document about five minutes or so, has been carefully tested....

Streaming media transmission

Very good streaming code, in great detail, for young students learning to streaming is very helpful, just streaming, hoping to help, learning together to improve...

Ethernet frame parser

n Development of a Analysis of Ethernet frames The program, do the following: analytical Have been packaged Ethernet V2.0 Frame encapsulation file ( See annex ), Judge How many frames, each frame of the contents of all the fields, test CRC Verify the Right. n 要求: (1) allow...

C++ UDP communication broadcasting source code

Two MFC source code for C++ UDP communication broadcasting project, a broadcast to send data, receive data, first test code, vs2010 test passes, the code you have written, just start WinsockNovice programming can refer to, welcome to download, please correct me, learn from each other, thank you!...

Mfc_telnet program

mfc write under their own telnet program, C ++ single document, fast, easy to learn, if further development is also possible, for a little basic programming enthusiasts...

Simple FTP client

A Visual C++ to write the FTP port, full management capabilities. You can add, delete, and modify the connection. Supports resuming. Code integrity....

P2P communication module, client and server

A c++ P2P chat, file transfer implementation code is divided into client and server-side, for beginners guide...

Wifi sharing code

IFI www file share Pro is a perfect solution for Windows systems, Wi-Fi settings, achieving notebook (or a wireless card desktop) virtual AP software to share Internet access, so no wireless users, one-click easy laptop into a WiFi hotspot and enjoy the WiFi network....

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