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Win32 Server Client(TCP)

family:'Microsoft YaHei';white-space:normal;background-color:#F8F8F8;">用VC6些的一个TCP转发客户端发送的数据的服务器程序...

Network sniffer sniffer

Implementing network sniffer features can capture network packets and displays network packets in the data. Among them, use Socket raw socket programming, network monitoring in the Windows below....

Send email

size:16px;">发送电子邮件到 gmail,hotmail,雅虎,etcThis 是一个简单的例子,展示了如何使用 libcurl\ 的 SMTP 发送邮件功能。它生成添加身份验证和传输安全性来保护身份验证,更重要的是,从被偷窥的详细信息。...

Network file transfer system

indent:-21pt;margin-left:21pt;"> 1. realization of single threaded file transfer functionality; 2. based on the above, mastering multithreading, file network transfer, you can choose single or multithreaded ; 3. Adding exception control based on robustness enhancements (Robust);...


利用TCP udp 进行的网络编程,可以进行聊天哦。 包括信息交互栏,发送信息窗口等等。简单明了。...

Concurrent service (c) multiple IO model

space:nowrap;">多进程,多线程并发模型的缺陷 linux I/O模式:阻塞模式,非阻塞模式,I/O多路复用,信号驱动I/O,异步I/O select与poll函数 多路I/O并发服务模型 实验提莫...

C++ chat rooms

Divided into servers and room-end of two parts, simply enter the IP can support people I have debugged, possible code short and only supports text chat, not invented....

Simple socket chat room programming



space:nowrap;">IOCPClientTestIOCPClientTestIOCPClientTestIOCPClientTestIOCPClientTest IOCPClientTestIOCPClientTestIOCPClientTestIOCPClientTestIOCPClientTest...

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