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Implements a simple chat program

Simple network chat program under VC++6.0. According to the destination host's IP address or host name, you can send short messages to the destination host, receives the message box displays the messages that have been sent and received....

Shell remote

shows how to return a shell to a remote computer using the Winsock API (WSA) and CreateProcess () function. I found interesting technique and decided to write this to fix something that hitherto ignored, and got to know. Let's see the code:...



winpcap sdk

For WinPcap development SDK, which contains several library files: wpcap.lib, Packet.lib, and a few header files used when putting library files in the project directory or the compiler now and then joined them in the compiler path...

Telnet Server Server source program

size:16px;">telnet server 服务端源程序, 用于实现简单的windos telnet功能。开发环境为vs2003...

LinuxC QT services and client-side communication

Code primarily from within the client memory usage, amount of memory, CPU utilization, and data sent to the server....

Socket Programming

size:16px;">拟议的项目是称为用户数据报协议 (UDP) 的 2 终结点 usingconnectionless 协议之间进行通信。我已经添加的序列号,以便能够寄文件同数量的段的翘曲特征超过 2 个字节,,所以我可以发送任何文件大小没有任何约束的段数...

C++ SOCKT for windows client


mFC socket

pos="0|13" right-pos="0|13" space="" style="font-family:arial;color:#333333;font-size: 14px; line-height: 22px;">MFC implementation of the socket communication, TCP/IP network programmingexamples in chapter tenth. Very good source, the realization of the client andserve...

FTP implementation source code

Implements a simple FTP program, hope useful to beginners ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .......

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