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C++ MFC FTP vs2012 client

Application backgroundEntertainment to achieve upload and download can learn, applied to a special week of operation, relatively simple, and entertainment to achieve upload download can learn, applied to a special week of operation, relatively simple, and entertainment to achieve upload download can...

The most complete IOCP programming examples

Application backgroundThe most complete IOCP programming examples from the control package, communication protocol, upload and download, SQL query to the log view, have a complete realization. The program structure is realized: the function of the program can be adjusted, the performance of the prog...

C++ AcTiveMQ client acceptance message

Application backgroundCodeForge web site is the main other language development of the ActiveMQ example, the lack of C++ version of the development effort. This upload code can achieve a simple ActiveMQ message acceptance. Specific can visit the code, ActiveMQ driver C++ version can go to the Active...

Network programming socket

Application backgroundThe realization of the network program can be a variety of ways, the socket is a relatively simple way to achieve the connection between the application and the network driver of the bridge, the computer received from the network with the IP address and port number of related d...

Based on WinSocket and TCP protocol to achieve a basic server, can be used to test the client is correct

Application backgroundJust contact network programming, through the use of learning to use winsocket to achieve a simple server program, you can receive the English and Chinese characters, array can function. Socket API package into a class, you can easily modify the shortcut to achieve the desired...

JrtpLib a relatively good class library

Application background      RTP,The International Telecommunication Union ITU-T also released its own RTP document as a H.225.0, but later it was canceled after the IETF released the standard RFC on its stability. It serves as an Internet standard in RFC 3550 (the old version of the d...

Host state detection

Application backgroundYou can traverse the configuration file to configure the IP, Ping, through the detection, know the current host network state, the general use of certain computers or servers in the LAN, network connection is normal.Key TechnologyIGMP technology, through the PING detection, acc...

Windows high performance IOCP

Application backgroundIOCPDemo server Socket the default listener port is 9999, all the connection server Socket, the first byte of its transmission is its identity, the protocol is not the same, not within the provisions of the connection will be disconnected from the server, and the first byte req...

C++ package native socket request http

Application backgroundThe socket operation is used for HTTP request, and the interface is easy to use....

Simple client and server

Application backgroundSimple code, the basic realization of the connection between the client and the server, with multi thread, the use of socket network programming technology, the code is simple, suitable for the initial contact with the network programming learning...

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