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DES encryption communication

side first, and then run the client-side, and mutual information in server-side and client-side communication. Communications uses DES encryption to ensure information security....

Wince Socket VC++ communication source code

side and server-side Socket Communications VC++ source code....

HTTP packet filtering

http packet filtering can be used to implement parental control. Lsp using technology to intercept WSPSend, WSPRecv functions. Data analysis and replacement....

UDP transfer files

Use UDP Socket transfer files. 2G document about five minutes or so, has been carefully tested....

Ethernet frame parser

align:left;margin-left:0.38in;vertical-align:baseline;"> n开发一个以太网帧解析程序,实现以下功能:解析已封装好的Ethernet V2.0帧封装文件(见附件),判断有多少个帧,每个帧的所有字段内容,检测CRC校验是否正确。 n要求:...

C++ UDP communication broadcasting source code

Two MFC source code for C++ UDP communication broadcasting project, a broadcast to send data, receive data, first test code, vs2010 test passes, the code you have written, just start WinsockNovice programming can refer to, welcome to download, please correct me, learn from each other, thank you!...

Mfc_telnet program

mfc write under their own telnet program, C ++ single document, fast, easy to learn, if further development is also possible, for a little basic programming enthusiasts...

Client Winsock

space:nowrap;">Servers and Clients have different behaviors; therefore, the process of creating them is different. What follows is the general model for creating a streaming TCP/IP Server and Client....

VC completion routine model of Web programming model samples (CompletionRoutine)


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