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Streaming media transmission

Very good streaming code, in great detail, for young students learning to streaming is very helpful, just streaming, hoping to help, learning together to improve...



Analysis of network flow capture program

Through an analysis of five-tuple information network data flow, and gets the information for each byte in the stream number and package information...

UDP LAN chat tool

UDP LAN chat tool, notes:  runs twice when you run a client-side and server-side, when run, to change the IP address....

RawSocket simple and practical

Rawsocket constructed using tcp packet procedure...

Multichannel chat rooom with socket on windows

client chat server is an open source c++ project. In this server multiple user can log in and communicate with one another as multicast user. In reality it can use as a chat room server. Can be modified as peer to peer (p2p) text chat. It can also be used as a backbone of a video conferencing projec...

HTTP protocol

size:14px;">Written before a colleague test http examples I like to share with Honourable Members. The socket package provided by Windows, implementing HTTP protocol, to download the file....

Network sniffer sniffer

Implementing network sniffer features can capture network packets and displays network packets in the data. Among them, use Socket raw socket programming, network monitoring in the Windows below....

Network file transfer system

indent:-21pt;margin-left:21pt;"> 1. realization of single threaded file transfer functionality; 2. based on the above, mastering multithreading, file network transfer, you can choose single or multithreaded ; 3. Adding exception control based on robustness enhancements (Robust);...


利用TCP udp 进行的网络编程,可以进行聊天哦。 包括信息交互栏,发送信息窗口等等。简单明了。...

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