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Handwritten digit recognition system, VC++

Handwritten numeral recognition system .vcprojThis is the main project file using the "Application Wizard" generated by the VC ++ project. It contains information about the generated files Visual C ++ version of the information, and information about using the "Application Wizard"...

Obtaining BIOS information

This mainly through the SMBIOS to obtain BIOS information, which uses WMI, this program to bypass hardware of the drive to get more information, interested persons can load down, study...

MS dos6.22完整源代码!相信有很多研究操作系统的朋友需要.

MS dos6.22 integrity of the source code! I believe a lot of study of the operating system needs a friend. Oh...

MFC music player making code



read CPU temperature and fan speed small procedures that will look at...

AVI video recording packages (CodeProject simplified version)

AVI video recording, simplifies most of the work, we can start,stop,pause, a video recording of your desktop, here we select MS video mode. AVI generated smaller....

FontList procedures used in two ways EnumFontFamilies system function to enumera

FontList procedures used in two ways EnumFontFamilies system function to enumerate all the fonts...

一个简单的一箭穿心程序 其实这个程序也不难,只要用心形线方程(1...

ρ×cosθ)来绘图就可以了。-A simple stone Feedthrough programs fact, this procedure is not difficult, as long as the heart-shaped line of equation (1-ρ × cosθ) to drawing on it....


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