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car detction

Hello I am a student in 3rd year cycle engineer I try to do a project end concernat study the detection of objects of urban traffic (4 wheels drive and 2 wheels motorcycles, for example) is that you can m 'help on this project with visual studio 2010 and opencv 2.4.8 and thank you...

Fashion E-Mail

Fashion fashion E-Mail system interface is a beautiful and stylish email design, mainly for receiving and sending mail, users viewing received messages in the Inbox, messages Inbox page display, messages are grouped in the toolbar of your Inbox, can discriminate based on specific email subject forma...

SMTP send mail program (SSL and TLS)

Application backgroundApplication of Windows and Linux platform, support SSL and TLS to send mailKey TechnologyUTF-8, Base64 encoding, mail without garbled, can send attachments. Test interface written using MFC VS10 tools, the core program of cross platform...


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