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C++ for single intersection

Using VC++6.0 to write windows applictiaon program, the realization of a monolithic resection algorithm, input and output of the program is using the file...

RTSP server and client test source code

A complete streaming media server and test client based on RTSP protocol, compile and run under VC2008 environment; it is very good source of information for beginners to learn streaming technology is good source of information (Note: The source code was modified from material downloaded from others...

OnVif protocol client test program

OnVif protocol test tools based VC console application, similar to the ONVIF Device Test Tool, support equipment to detect, acquire equipment information, access to pre-position, set the pre-position, delete prefabricated bit, get a picture message, set the picture brightness, contrast, saturation ....

H264 To AVI file

programming  H264  Study programming  AVI.convert H264  stream file to AVI file....

Face detection face-recognition code

Based on face detection, face recognition source code, and related open source libraries. Mainly used for face detection, location, identification and detection output, greatly in pattern recognition purposes, does not require a separate install OpenCV library, have to be included directly....

69 Hall source

Anti-69 latest game list the nearest Fox network drama     test    could function like transplanted into it....

MFC read serial data and drawing curves

Written by MFC classes, adding landscaping style buttons, interfaces, fonts displayed. Include curve is drawing a class that writes itself. Read serial data interface in mobile, there is no card screen phenomenon. Read time can be set. Data overflow behavior does not occur....

QR code generated VC++ project

Two-dimensional code generation test program, VC ++ projects can be compiled to runVC MFC prepared by the two-dimensional code source for some of the VC and technical officers!vc6.0 and VS2010 can directly compile and run. Can be freely set of related two-dimensional code generated settings...

OpenCV gesture recognition

OpenCV mouse gesture recognition control                                                         &nb...


This is VS the serial communication more code and data. There are various types of the implementing method. Serial communications (Serial Communications) the concept is very simple, serial bit (bit) of bytes sent and received. Even more so than byte (byte) parallel communication slow serial interfac...

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