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This is so awesome

space:nowrap;">This is so awesome...

It is the programmer Cang teacher heart Indoorsman goddess

align:right;">(本报告仅供娱乐)  8月18号,CodeForge源代码分享网站在各大IT论坛发帖征集。组织一场”程序员心中的宅男女神大评选”的活动。活动组共挑选出以下12名明星来进行展示,供大家投票选出自己心中的宅男女神。...

ABAQUS to import foreign models, this should be helpful for beginners

ABAQUS to import foreign models, this should be helpful for beginners....

Li Yifeng Wang Sicong become a man of God


MATLAB voice signal processing

height: 24px;">Noise and speech signal denoising processing...

Halcon instance code

Application backgroundAble to target different images to achieve the corresponding functionsHalcon comes from the library operator, better understanding of the use of the operator and the specific application occasionsEach treatment effect can be used in different ways, so it is one of the effective...

Multi-objective Particle Swarm MOPSO

size:16px;">多目标离子群算法的源代码,Matlab格式,用以求解多目标优化问题,详细的说明及算法文章请登录网站查阅 ...

Beijing + Shanghai map SHP files

size:16px;">可以用与arcgis制图,有需要的可以下载  可以用与arcgis制图,有需要的可以下载   可以用与arcgis制图,有需要的可以下载...

Blind watermark embedding based on DWT source code

weight:normal;font-size:medium;color:#333333;font-family:arial;background-color:#FFFFFF;"> 一组基于DWT盲水印的Matlab源代码...

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