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Kdd_cup99 classification

Kdd_cup99 data classification is to categorize attacks better...

Multi-objective Particle Swarm MOPSO

Multi-target ion swarm source code, Matlab format for solving multi-objective optimization problems, detailed instructions and algorithms articles, please visit  http://www.kalami.IR/Web site  ...

Blind watermark embedding based on DWT source code

Application backgroundA group of DWT blind watermarking based on the Matlab source code...

机器学习的中文版本,作者Tom M. Mitchell。这本教材的目标是展现机器学习中核心的算法和理论。机器学习从很多学科吸收了成果和概念,包括统计学、人工智能...

Machine learning of the Chinese version, the author Tom M. Mitchell. The teaching objective is to demonstrate the core of machine learning algorithms and theory. Machine learning from many disciplines to absorb the results and concepts, including statistics, artificial intelligence, philosophy, info...

E ink ITEMLIST.bin Viewer language source code

Ink ITEMLIST.bin Viewer Can follow the same formatting load the skill Monster E language may release of HIV...

sm2 elliptic curve public-key cryptography algorithm

The PDF is of security commercial code Administration issued SM2 elliptic curve public key cryptography. PDF gives very detailed descriptions and presentations....

Steger warming split

This program introduces Steger warming split method, to Sod shock tube problem, that is, solving the one-dimensional Euler equations, the results show is satisfactory...

SystemView modulation and demodulation of 16QAM software

Application backgroundApplication in communication system signal modulation and demodulation for example, through the Systemview software to build simulation platform for communication system and gives the signal modulation and demodulation process and waveform specific forms, and the actual communi...

里面有软件体系的实用文档 还有一个是教材订购系统的实例 收集的 需要的可以看看 hubeiminyuan sj...

Inside a software system, there is a practical document ordering system is the textbook example of the need to take a look at the collection...


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