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Fuzzy control for an inverted pendulum simulation

- 2013/10/16 16:57 --% clc close all; clear all; tc=newfis('tc','sugeno'); tc=addvar(tc,'input','theta',[-90 90]); tc=addmf(tc,'input',1,'about 0','trimf',[-90 0 90]); tc=addmf(tc,'input',1,'about 90','trimf',[0 90 90]); tc=addmf(tc,'input',1,'about-90','trimf',[-90 -90 0]); tc=addvar(tc,'i...


space:nowrap;">NS中文手册精美版,非常好的NS-2入门学习资料,有丰富而详细的实例可供学习 NS中文手册精美版,非常好的NS-2入门学习资料,有丰富而详细的实例可供学习 NS中文手册精美版,非常好的NS-2入门学习资料,...

Linux_Kernel core manual (kernel diagram)

family:'Trebuchet MS', Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;font-size:13px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">详细描述了linux内核的内部原理,并配有大量的图形方便理解。-A detailed description of the internal linux kernel principle, there are a lot of graphics to help un...

Hass decoding library API

space:nowrap;">海思H.264 PC 解码库软件API 参考文档版本 08发布日期 2011-07-05BOM编码 N/A...

MATLAB simulation algorithm of Fiber Bragg grating

Use matlab simulation, the reflection spectrum and delay FBG simulation, source code ...

ISO7816 smart card English version of agreement

size:16px;">本文是英文版ISO7816智能卡通讯协议,定义物理结构和使用规则、返回状态等                               &n...

A clustering algorithm for MATLAB

size:14px;color:#000000;">MATLAB开发的一中聚类算法, 简略地看了一下学报中的这篇文章,算法叫做广度优先邻居搜索的聚类算法。里面有几个定义:       一、数据矩阵。这是一个m行2列的矩阵,行数m=...

STC header file


Superpixel segmentation

The program is written in MATLAB code, code for Super pixel dividing algorithm code. Codes for Super pixel segmentation automatic selection of seed points, split speed, for some small regional goals also accurately segment and share with all image processing research directions of use!...

Osgearth compilation guide

The following document is a compilation of OSG and osgearth, the system requirements are as follows:Operating system: win7 Home Basic x64Compiler: vs2010Compiles successfully formed 4 directories, as follows:1 Open Scene Graph, C:Open SceneGraph2 OpenSceneGraph,C:OpenSceneGraph3 OSG, D:OSG4 osgEarth...

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