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MultiWii_MWC software and debugging methods

MultiWii_MWC software and debug process. Contains WMC required debugging files link, the debugging process....

Stone age ring 10 scripts

Stone age ring 10 scriptsUse refined methods for synthesis of 10, the first to own a pet learn to refine skillsSecondly, the refined skill to reach 85 per cent or moreFinally, please prepare a lot of walls...

ARM image LCD display

Based on ARM9 processor and embedded Linux operating systems, use a USB camera to capture images, the program implements Linux system based on video image acquisition process of the Video4Linux, and eventually through a graphical interface written in Qt/Embedded use the video images displayed on the...

AdaBoost algorithm training process

Application backgroundThe realization of the AdaBoost training classifier detailed process, can be used with the AdaBoost algorithm to achieve...

-ended flyback switching power supply with a simple structure, input and output

Single-ended flyback switching power supply with a simple structure, input and output electrical isolation, voltage up/down range, easy to multi-output, high reliability and low cost, widely used in low-power occasions. However, due to leakage effects flyback converter power switch off when the volt...


a RFC3261 the Chinese version of SIP, describing in great detail, English is not good to do many of the provinces...


The back of the hand vein to improve the accuracy of image recognition and to improve the flexibility of image acquisition, a new image of the back of the hand vein recognition algorithm....

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