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approximate entropy

Code for computing approximate entropy for a time series. Approximate  Entropy is a measure of complexity. It quantifies the unpredictability of  fluctuations in a time series.To run this function- type: approx_entropy('window length','similarity measure','data set')...

Java application for Network Simulator Generator

This is application for generate of network simulator script but the first please rename NSG2.1.tar.gz be NSG2.1.jar...

scilab codes for rayleigh

This is code for sci lab project and it is very basic codes for different schems for rayleigh channel and dpsk modulation scheme....

Integration of multi-spectral region with a full-color image properties

Fusion algorithm are proposed multispectral and panchromatic image based on regional characteristics and fusion algorithm SAR and panchromatic image...


Instant Excel bookkeeping without any macros or VBA code.For bookkeeping beginnersThere are two sheets in this workbook: Ledger and TrialBalance.The Ledger sheet is arranged in the traditional T format for double entry bookkeeping.The TrialBalance sheet calculates its results from the Ledger sheet....

Axure Control Library

A variety of Axure parts, the application of more than 5 version of the Axure! The sharing of library components, it should be said this component library is the most complete, the classification of many more comprehensive, including the various components in Axure, main components: menu navigation,...

Analysis of disaster recovery of large data cloud computing security

Application backgroundSmall data data analogy, take big data Hadoop, the open source tools, it's like data analysis microscope. In the past, people often use human judgment data, and now, with the development and progress of science and technology, are the tool data, such as the Hadoop,openstack ope...

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