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Kdd_cup99 classification

Kdd_cup99 data classification is to categorize attacks better...

E ink ITEMLIST.bin Viewer language source code

Ink ITEMLIST.bin Viewer Can follow the same formatting load the skill Monster E language may release of HIV...

sm2 elliptic curve public-key cryptography algorithm

The PDF is of security commercial code Administration issued SM2 elliptic curve public key cryptography. PDF gives very detailed descriptions and presentations....


FPGA-based motor control FPGA-basedMotorControl...

里面有软件体系的实用文档 还有一个是教材订购系统的实例 收集的 需要的可以看看 hubeiminyuan sj...

Inside a software system, there is a practical document ordering system is the textbook example of the need to take a look at the collection...

HMM training algorithm

Hidden Markov models (HM m) traditional training methods of--Baum-W Elch algorithm can only be a local optimum model, thus affecting the Final recognition rate. CHM m, subparagraph k average method to obtain the original value can solve this problem, but the DHM m improvements are unlikely. An imp...

NFC reader document

NFC reader document, for the development of smart card applications, where there is no association is in the absence of association is not in yo...


NS中文手册精美版,非常好的NS-2入门学习资料,有丰富而详细的实例可供学习 NS中文手册精美版,非常好的NS-2入门学习资料,有丰富而详细的实例可供学习 NS中文手册精美版,非常好的NS-2入门学习资料,有丰富而详...

MATLAB simulation algorithm of Fiber Bragg grating

Use matlab simulation, the reflection spectrum and delay FBG simulation, source code ...


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