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Halcon instance code

Application backgroundAble to target different images to achieve the corresponding functionsHalcon comes from the library operator, better understanding of the use of the operator and the specific application occasionsEach treatment effect can be used in different ways, so it is one of the effective...

sm2 elliptic curve public-key cryptography algorithm

The PDF is of security commercial code Administration issued SM2 elliptic curve public key cryptography. PDF gives very detailed descriptions and presentations....

With the human genome project implementation, through genome sequencing, protein...

With the human genome project implementation, through genome sequencing, protein sequencing experiments such as structural analysis, molecular biologists to provide a large amount of biological molecules of the original data, the need to use modern technology to these raw data collection, collation...

Multi-objective decision making; multiple attribute decision making

Multi-objective decision making; multiple attribute decision making multi-objective decision making; multiple attribute decision making; Multi-objective decision; multiple attribute decision making...

Difference matrix algorithm of rough set

"We introduce two notions related to any information system, namely the dis-cernibility matrix and discernibility function. We present some properties of these notionsand as corollaries we obtain several algorithms forpolving problems related among otherthings to the rough definability, reducts...


long integer operations related-- "into the high-end system-expansion"...


Including the Gaussian formula for positive operators, the central meridian, as well as anti-Gauss formula...


Calculating the correlation coefficient and its confidence level by using the TC programming...

层次分析法 、效益分配、幻方

AHP, and the benefit distribution, Magic Squares...


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