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ellen page it

ADP Median Filter, suited for Salt&Pepper   Windows Develop     Visual C++      Add to my favorites   Download Source Codes:   AdpMedianFilter.rar (4.72 MB)       Sponsored l...

GardenUI help file

GardenUI help file GardenUI is a free library of MFC interface, very good, very powerful. This is GardenUI a help document...


We have entered the information age now. With the technologies' popularity of multimedia and computer, the application of image transmission with large capacity also becomes more and more extensive. As the image contains a larger amount of information than other format of file, the corresponding sto...

Carnegie ssd9 actual problem

Application background This is a link for download the file It is just a task. For self preparation. (ICarnegie -- SSD9 -- Certification Exam practical -- 2 variants (accessories and Payment)). Maintenance, requirements Checklist, ST, use Case Modeling, Sequ...


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