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Digital Invisible Ink Data Hiding Based on Spread-Spectrum

A novel data-hiding methodology, denoted as digital invisible ink (DII), is proposed to implement secure steganography systems. Like the real-world invisible ink, secret messages will be correctly revealed only after the marked works undergo certain prenegotiated manipulations, such as lossy com...

ARM image LCD display

Based on ARM9 processor and embedded Linux operating systems, use a USB camera to capture images, the program implements Linux system based on video image acquisition process of the Video4Linux, and eventually through a graphical interface written in Qt/Embedded use the video images displayed on the...


A robot obstacle detection system comprising: A Robot housing which navigates with respect to a surface; a sensor subsystem having a defined relationship with respect to the housing and aimed at the surface for detecting the surface. The sensor subsystem including: An optical emitter which emits...

MF2001NT semi automatic packing scale sheets

Detailed MF2001NT semi automatic packing scale sheets (2011.3) use and approaches....

file to power managment

this will help you  to understand working of zigbee the more of understaniding of zigbee willl help you to find the communication between the two devices....

GSM Based Security Alarm

SIM900 GSM module Based Security Alarm with lots of customisation and analog and digital i/o. PIR sensor to detect human movement detection and sends a sms immediately. temperature sensor monitors the room temperature and sends an sms on any change than preset level....


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