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Statement of Hanyu Pinyin

correction Pinyin CRT, the original schedule from the Internet to collect and then after correction, but without changing the original schedule, based on users change their own circumstances. Unicode Chinese characters are the Chinese characters, reference documents Unihan.txt...

Ink database who understand

Ink complete databases which greatly please you send me for my ink data problem urgent help me ~...

Paper for DDM

size:14px;">在本文中我们侧重于各种技术、 方法和不同领域的研究,是乐于助人并被标记为数据挖掘技术的重要领域。因为我们知道,很多跨国公司和大型组织被管理在不同国家的不同的地方。操作的每个地方可能会生成大量的...

Southern Institute of technology databases and software engineering the second interview information

size:16px;">Huanan retest information database and software engineering courseware and class papers...


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