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ISO7816 smart card English version of agreement

size:16px;">本文是英文版ISO7816智能卡通讯协议,定义物理结构和使用规则、返回状态等                               &n...


The back of the hand vein to improve the accuracy of image recognition and to improve the flexibility of image acquisition, a new image of the back of the hand vein recognition algorithm....

《谈谈使用VFW在windows下编程控制摄像头》msdn里面关于vfw的内容的翻译 对vfw编程非常有用...

"on the use of the VFW windows programming under control camera" on the VFW flowing inside the contents of the translation right VFW very useful programming...

SSD8 Exercise 2

s 来确定为 IP 和 TCP 协议维护各种计数器的值。最后,使用您修改的 Web 客户端来检索某些 Web 页和事后检查计数器。...


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