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Kdd_cup99 classification

Kdd_cup99 data classification is to categorize attacks better...

collision automotive FMCW millimeter wave radar systems theory, we reported the

The initiative to introduce anti-collision automotive FMCW millimeter wave radar systems theory, we reported the development of the SAE-100-type millimeter-wave anti-collision radar prototype....

ISO7816 smart card English version of agreement

This is the English version of ISO7816 smartcard communication protocol that defines the physical structure and terms of use, return status...


The back of the hand vein to improve the accuracy of image recognition and to improve the flexibility of image acquisition, a new image of the back of the hand vein recognition algorithm....

《谈谈使用VFW在windows下编程控制摄像头》msdn里面关于vfw的内容的翻译 对vfw编程非常有用...

"on the use of the VFW windows programming under control camera" on the VFW flowing inside the contents of the translation right VFW very useful programming...

SSD8 Exercise 2

In this exercise, you will make use of common network tools. For each part below, capture the appropriate program output and include it with your answers to the questions.Part 1: netstatAs a first step, modify the Web client that you wrote in Exercise 1 to count the number of bytes that it sends and...


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