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It is the programmer Cang teacher heart Indoorsman goddess

Application background(this report is for entertainment purposes only)Key TechnologyThe goddess of participation are: Sora Aoi, Tang Yan, Zhao Liying, Chrissie Chau, Tang Wei, Yang Mi,, Joe Chen, Liu Shishi, Liu Yifei,, Fan Bingbing, Ruby Lin. After three days, through the website, micro channel, a...

Li Yifeng Wang Sicong become a man of God

Application backgroundYou make it, Li Yifeng actually more than Wang Sicong Ma Yun received the title of god. Sure enough, we are looking for a lovely programmer to look at the face, but what is the matter? And listen to me carefully.Key TechnologyThe staff involved are: Li Yifeng, Daniel Wu; Huang...

Multisim pattern four lights controller

Four pattern Lantern controller (a) basic requirements: design 14 pattern automatically switch of Lantern controller, requirements achieved (1) Lantern a bright a out, from left right mobile; (2) Lantern two bright two out, from left right mobile; (3) four bright four out, from left right mobile (4)...

2012Q4 China Internet Bandwidth Speedtest Report

2012 national speed measured during the fourth quarter report data from


thank you haslb d;aDJ; A;SDBHA DAS D;AS;DAd;DK; SD ;ASHD ;SGHDqas d;asgda sfas fas;ugf; asufas f asf haso['f as'fh as f;asf' hasf asf 'ash fashf asfh ash ftuo[;asf; as; hf fh fuohasuohf a sfashuof hosa f;ah fuo;h asu;h f;ah fuoah fhauos hasfh soah fuoah asuoh foash foah ifho hfaf...

Troubleshooting a Monitor

Simple steps for Troubleshooting your monitor when it gets complaint in the following cases:Monitoris blank after restarting system After connecting a monitor,the picture looks bad The monitor has startedmaking a strange noise Monitors display settingsare not correct Display is rotated...

datasheet rosetta

The ROSETTA Configurable Dot Matrix Display Controller core provides a modular expandable interface for any dimension displays build from LEDs dot matrix structures. This core can be configured for synthesis and P&R with any number of DM LEDs slices. These slices can be arranged in any number...

Association rule example (Studio)

Application backgroundThere are many ways to see the similarities between items. These are techniques that fall under the general umbrella of association. The outcome of this type of technique, in simple terms, is a set of rules that can be understood as “if this, then that”. ...


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