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Assembly language programming and debugging tools. The purpose of learning assem...

Assembly language programming and debugging tools. The purpose of learning assembly language is to use assembly language programming to solve practical problems, the following describes two kinds of commonly used assembly language programming environment: Macro Assembler MASM 6.11 and Turbo Assember...


Microcomputer Principle and Interface Technology curriculum design, stepper motor control experiments, designed to PC-to four-phase stepper motor, direction, step control system and the preparation of the compilation process to achieve the corresponding functionality....

(1) 有一个主持人控制开关和8路抢答按扭,当主持人允许抢答时才能进行抢答操作,并用一个数码管显示抢答选手的号码,同时其他选手不能再抢答。 (2)电路上...

(1) has a host switch and 8-way control button to answer in, when the moderator allowed to be carried out to answer in time to answer in operation, and use an LED display to answer in the number of players, while other players can no longer answer in his place. (2) the circuit, we should add a buzze...


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