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MMS profile on 61,850

space:nowrap;">about MMS 61850...

Matlab case analysis

Matlab case analysis,it includes a lot of the real math problem done with matlab.So if you want to know about how to use matlab to slove math problems ,you can download it....


GPS Introduction to the classic book " GPS and the basic principles of matlab simulation" of the PPT Courseware...


establish and improve the general Monte Carlo procedure avoided a lot of repetitive work, and the procedures on the basis of Monte Carlo method for carrying out research and techniques for improving the results of the study and amendments, These research results, in turn, could further improve the M...


chaotic electronic lectures. Chaos on the definition of mathematical models, and the chaotic circuit Research and Implementation....

UT, UKF, UPF courseware, learning nonlinear filtering valuable personnel.

UT, UKF, UPF courseware, learning nonlinear filtering valuable personnel....

Genetic Algorithm and Its application is recommended System

Genetic Algorithm and Its application is recommended System...


Jilin University Game Programming Guide- describes the game programming, engine technology, etc....


objective programming algorithms, is a good thing, Come to download it...

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