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In this paper are presented the results of Matlab/Simulink simulation for a 3-wire electrical systemsupplied from grid to which in CCP (common coupling point) is connected a parallel active power filter (APF). For a full analysis, the APF is controlled by three different methods ...

Self organized tree based energy balance routing protocol for WSN

LEACH (Low-Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy) is modified. We extend LEACH’s stochastic cluster head selection algorithm by a deterministic component. Depending on the network configuration an increase of network lifetime by about 30 % can be accomplished. Furthermore, we prese...

Duda, Hart & Storks of the book " Pattern Classification" is a mast...

Duda, Hart & Storks of the book " Pattern Classification" is a masterpiece, this is the book Matlab source code and all the answers...


This section is a collection of papers on OFDM/OQAM, which centered on classic OFDM Systems and Pulse Shaping OFDM/OQAM Systems, which include almost all of the references are downloaded, and corresponds to the corresponding reference number and title, can be very good review paper. These papers fro...

ACN agreements Artnet protocol DMX512

ACN agreements Artnet protocol DMX512-A lighting network...

A Wavelet Tour of Signal Processing Third Edition

The book based on the author in a number of internationally renowned universities to teach wavelet signal processing courses of lectures, the author to the problem of signal processing for the background, using simple mathematical language of wavelet theory and application, so that readers can be co...

Research on indoor positioning algorithm based on BP neural network RFID

Application backgroundIn view of indoor objects or personnel using active radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, the design of the indoor environment of the positioning algorithm. Traditional RFID roomBecause of the complexity of indoor environment, the path loss coefficient is very diffi...

Handwriting point acquisition and storage, as well as the mapping algorithm in t...

Handwriting point acquisition and storage, as well as the mapping algorithm in the handwriting of the Bezier Draw Application...

MIMO radar, low

MIMO radar, low-speed moving target detection, is to study the MIMO radar target detection in the latest article, worth a visit....

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