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"My favorite Linux code editor/IDE" ranking list (2014.11)

Please refer to for more details. This report only has Chinese version for this time being....

Free learning programming in 12 places

Application backgroundOnce upon a time, to understand programming are some of the top geek. But now, the situation is much different, most entrepreneurs, Witkey, operation will tell you, learn programming to how to make you more successful. Over the past year, I have also learned to write code, the...

China Programmer Investigation Report 2014

Please refer to Chinese version for more details. The report doesn't have English version for the time being....

liver ct image segmentation

ct image segmentation and liver volume extraction in matlab deformable filtering and computer aided diagnosis...

dynamic control of power system

The main topic covered is frequency control in power systems. The needed models are derived and the primary and secondary frequency control are studied. A detailed model of the synchronous machine, based on Park's transformation, is also included. The excitation and voltage control of synchronou...

Vedic Multipliers for High Speed Low Power Operations

Multiplier  design  is  always  a  challenging  task; how  many  ever  novel  designs  are  proposed,  the  user  needs demands much more optimized ones. Vedic mathematics is world renowned  for  its  algorithm...

Osgeath tutorial

SgEarth is a cross-platform library, you can use Cmake version 2.6.2 or later to compile it.There are three ways you can obtain a osgearth source:Option1: using GITOsgEarth the source code hosted on GitHub, so we need a Git client. Featured TortoiseGit,SVN under Windows Git version of little turtle....


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