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Indoor positioning breakthrough + differential enhanced hologram of Tsinghua University

Application backgroundBased on the analysis of the measured data of 53 Differential (Augmented Differential Augmented Hologram), which is the 11 destination airport, 93 routes and 1094 flights, the positioning method is proposed to overcome the effect of the diversity of the tag. This is not only to...

dynamic control of power system

The main topic covered is frequency control in power systems. The needed models are derived and the primary and secondary frequency control are studied. A detailed model of the synchronous machine, based on Park's transformation, is also included. The excitation and voltage control of synchronou...

Algorithm art and Informatics contests Liu Rujia + study guide + exercises

The book edited by 刘汝佳, Huang Liang forward, published by Tsinghua University Press. This book is more systematic and comprehensive introduction to the algorithm to learn the basic knowledge. The main contents of these knowledge and skills both universities, "Algorithms and Data Structure...


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