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Parameter estimation of sinusoidal signals by using principle of signal matched-phase...

Multi-user detections

A statistical method that makes it possible to improve the performances of the wireless mobile communication systems is exposed here. It consists of separating the signals in the reception of the communication systems that are based on the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology. T...

Log-polar coordinate

图像 Log-polar coordinate Transformation (transformation from plane coordinates to polar coordinates, coordinate transform formula: key) and the ability to calculate the rotation and scaling...

Model of shallow water reverberation

Reverb as a shallow water system-specific interference effect on underwater acoustic signal detection performance of the increasingly prominent, while for reverberation suppression is the hot and difficult points in the study of underwater acoustic signal processing. For footage of shallow water rev...

Neural network RFID signal distribution model based on continuous ant colony algorithm

Application backgroundThe intensity distribution model of RFID reflection signal is established based on artificial neural network method.In order to overcome the limitation of traditional BP algorithm, it is easy to fall into local extremum, and a continuous ant colony optimization algorithm is int...

MIMO THP algrorithm massive

Application backgroundThe Design of ZF and MMSE  in Precoding Tomlinson-Harashima Multiuser  MIMO Amplify-and-Forward Relay System it is the described main MIMO system the in multi-user    scenario.the precoding algrithm is combined the ZF precoding and the MMSE precoding. main OnKey...

Structural condition assessment using radio frequency identification based (RFID) wireless strain sensor Rapid

Application backgroundPaper presents awireless structural condition scanning systemthat utilizes the building informationmodeling This(BIM) radio frequency identification based (RFID) wireless strain sensor technologies to enable noncontact andOf structural deformation. In buildings structural, memb...

RFID signal distribution based on neural network combined with continuous ant colony optimization Modeling

Application backgroundFrequency Identification has (RFID) been rapidly developing for recent years as a kind of near field RadioCommunication technology depending on radio frequence signal. Now there are widespread wirelessAnd applications about RFID. To make the distribution of tags position and ra...

RFID indoor positioning algorithm based on fuzzy neural network modeling

Application backgroundThe fuzzy neural network is applied to the technology based indoor positioning system, and a new model based on fuzzy neural network is proposed.Indoor location algorithm based on fuzzy neural network, the algorithm will be used as the reference label data as training samples o...

Of position tracking technologies for user localization in indoor construction environments Evaluation

Application backgroundTechnologies such as location-aware computing offer significant potential of improving important EvolvingTasks on construction sites by providing support for tedious and time-consuming tasks decision-makingWith timely and accurate access to project information. For example rapi...


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