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This section is a collection of papers on OFDM/OQAM, which centered on classic OFDM Systems and Pulse Shaping OFDM/OQAM Systems, which include almost all of the references are downloaded, and corresponds to the corresponding reference number and title, can be very good review paper. These papers fro...

Indoor positioning breakthrough + differential enhanced hologram of Tsinghua University

Application backgroundBased on the analysis of the measured data of 53 Differential (Augmented Differential Augmented Hologram), which is the 11 destination airport, 93 routes and 1094 flights, the positioning method is proposed to overcome the effect of the diversity of the tag. This is not only to...

Research on indoor positioning algorithm based on BP neural network RFID

Application backgroundIn view of indoor objects or personnel using active radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, the design of the indoor environment of the positioning algorithm. Traditional RFID roomBecause of the complexity of indoor environment, the path loss coefficient is very diffi...

Fast Algorithms for Projected Clustering

Fast Algorithms for Projected Clustering- PROCLUS- a traditional subspace clustering algorithm for high dimensional data...

dynamic control of power system

The main topic covered is frequency control in power systems. The needed models are derived and the primary and secondary frequency control are studied. A detailed model of the synchronous machine, based on Park's transformation, is also included. The excitation and voltage control of synchronou...

Finite element method and application of Principle 2 (Zhu Bofang) is the finite

Finite element method and application of Principle 2 (Zhu Bofang) is the finite element books more classic one, including the bar, flat, space modules and application of the principles involved in fluid mechanics, heat conduction, concrete creep, elastic stability, large displacement, fracture, etc....


Parameter estimation of sinusoidal signals by using principle of signal matched-phase...

Statistical and Adaptive Signal Processing Spectral Estimation, Signal Modeling, Adaptive Filtering, and Array Processing

This book is an introduction to the theory and algorithms used for the analysis and processing of random signals and their applications to real-world problems. The fundamental characteristic of random signals is captured in the following statement: Although random signals are evolving in time in an...

Multi-user detections

A statistical method that makes it possible to improve the performances of the wireless mobile communication systems is exposed here. It consists of separating the signals in the reception of the communication systems that are based on the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology. T...

Log-polar coordinate

图像 Log-polar coordinate Transformation (transformation from plane coordinates to polar coordinates, coordinate transform formula: key) and the ability to calculate the rotation and scaling...

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