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Sliding Mode Variable Structure Control matlab simulation

size:14px;">Teaching and research work crystallization control system, while incorporating new results achieved in recent years, domestic and foreign counterparts.  The book consists of 10 chapters, including the development of Sliding Mode Variable Structure Control Review, continuous-time sy...

iterative learning control

space:nowrap;">这篇文章建议民建联过程中的机械机器人的操作 感觉它更佳的机器人下一个操作通过使用以前的操作数据。 该进程具有迭代学习结构这样 (k + 1) th 输入到联合 执行器包括 k th 输入再加上错误增量衍生物的组成 第...

Studying the effect of shading on Solar Panel using MATLAB

This paper makes a study on the various Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) for Photovoltaic (PV) array. Also this paperexplains the effect of change in solar isolation and temperature and shading effect on solar panel and give the steps to track GPP....

Neural-Network-Based Contouring Control for Robotic Manipulators in Operational Space

size:14px;">基于神经网络的轮廓控制机器人在业务空间机械臂 针对简要介绍一轮廓的控制方案机器人。所需的轮廓线的几何性质 在控制器的设计阶段,及其所造成的注册控制器以两层递阶包括一个外循环和内循环的控制...


MATLAB in the calculation of reservoir flood of applications, makes a simple reservoir flood problems....

T_S robust dissipative control of fuzzy system and its application


MATLAB serial programming information

Application backgroundUSART serial communications is one of the most commonly used means of communication, RS232 level different from TTL-level should pay attention to when using the level conversion, addition is the intersection of TX and RX must be connected before normal communication, material t...

MATLAB concise tutorial

Application backgroundMatlab is a powerful data analysis software, many occasions many places will use matlab to do data analysis and algorithm simulation, this material is matlab tutorial materials, especially suitable for novice white, hope to be able to have the help to everybodyKey TechnologyThi...

GUI MATLAB study notes

Application backgroundGUI design is conducive to the convenience of the use of the program, MATLAB is commonly used in data analysis and processing software, GUI based MATLAB design is bound to bring great convenience to the user. Here to provide a GUI MATLAB design tutorial, very good use, you can...

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