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iterative learning control

This article proposes a betterment process for the operation of a mechanical robot in a sense that it betters the next operation of a robot by using the previous operation’s data. The process has an iterative learning structure such that the (k + 1)th input to joint actuators consists of the k...

Studying the effect of shading on Solar Panel using MATLAB

This paper makes a study on the various Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) for Photovoltaic (PV) array. Also this paperexplains the effect of change in solar isolation and temperature and shading effect on solar panel and give the steps to track GPP....

Neural-Network-Based Contouring Control for Robotic Manipulators in Operational Space

Neural-Network-Based Contouring Control for Robotic Manipulators in Operational Space This brief presents a contouring control scheme for robotic manipulators. The geometric properties of the desired contour are incorporated in the controller design phase, and the resulting&nb...


MATLAB in the calculation of reservoir flood of applications, makes a simple reservoir flood problems....

MATLAB serial programming information

Application backgroundUSART serial communications is one of the most commonly used means of communication, RS232 level different from TTL-level should pay attention to when using the level conversion, addition is the intersection of TX and RX must be connected before normal communication, material t...

Matlab图形图像函数MATLAB 高级应用――图形及影像处理

Matlab function MATLAB Graphics Advanced Application- Graphics and Image Processing...


a book on using spectral method solve partial differential equations...


Of chaotic time series phase space reconstruction methods of C-C less than three points, a method based on an improved determination of former times Cc excellent window of time delay and embedding the new algorithm. Calculation of correlation integral in the process of introducing a trade-off accura...


分布发射天线BLAST系统的最佳信道传播时延 不同的信道传播时延下系统误码率性能不同, 存在使误玛率最优的最佳信道传播时延...


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