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Remote Sensing Image Algorithm

This paper describes commonly used remote sensing image processing algorithms, and then mathematically analyze the reasons for the spectral distortion of fused images, and explore the fusion image enhancement in spatial resolution and maintain the relationship between the two spectral information, t...

Radar Imaging from Basics to Applications Polarimetric

Application backgroundThe recent launches of three fully polarimetric synthetic aperture radar (PolSAR) satellites have shown that polarimetric radar imaging can provide abundant data on the Earth's environment, such as biomass and forest height estimation, snow cover mapping, glacier monitoring, an...

IDL functions and applications

File contains a wealth of graphic programs and source files, I believe there will be a lot of help. -the manual introduces the reader to the main IDL image processing in the powerful functions. Including how that controlling the images and information extraction. To help readers gain a quick, the bo...

this is an cordic algorithm code it will be useful fr u

Abstract—This paper presents a low-power coordinate rotationdigital computer (CORDIC)-based reconfigurable discrete cosinetransform (DCT) architecture. The main idea of this paperis based on the interesting fact that all the computations inDCT are not equally important in generating the frequencyd...


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