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multi model biometrucs for identity documents

The issues associated with identity usurpation are currently at the heart ofnumerous concerns in our modern society. Establishing the identity of individualsis recognized as fundamental to the numerous administrative operations.Identity documents (IDs) are tools that permit the bearers to prove or c...

penyelesaian sobel dengan matlab

Our project combines many methods to extract the  license plate, segment the characters and identify the characters.    Further improvement should focus on not only the accuracy of identification, but also the accuracy of license plate extraction, character segmentation and s...

Comparison of Digital Image watermarking Methods DWT & DWT-DCT on the Basis of PSNR

The authenticity & copyright protection are two major problems in handling digital multimedia.The Image watermarking ismost popular method for copyright protection by discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) which performs 2 Level Decomposition of original(cover) image and watermark image is embedded in...


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