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Engineering Physics Question Bank

Engineering Physics Question Bank. Important questions with answers. its contain with anna university syllabus 2013...

Mean Shift

Mean shift is a procedure for locating the maxima of a density function given discrete data sampled from that function. It is useful for detecting the modes of this density.[1] This is an iterative method, and we start with an initial estimate...

Signal Analyzer Detectors and Averaging for Today's Digital Communications Standards

Fast and accurate measurements on today's digital communications signals require the appropriate use of signal analyzer detector modes and averaging types. Measuring transmitted signals, spurious signals, adjacent channel power, and noise with optimum speed and confidence is more comp...

Inter-Cell Interference Coordination

This work package tackles the area of Inter-cell interference coordination. One of the most importantperformance-limiting factors in 4G future wireless systems, which limits the achievable data rates, isinterference whether intra- or inter-cell. While intra-cell interference can be easily mitigated...


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