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Economic Load Dispatch Thesis

The modern power system around the world has grown in complexity of interconnection and power demand. The focus has shifted towards enhanced performance, increased customer focus, low cost, reliable and clean power. In this changed perspective, scarcity of energy resources, increasing power generati...

Vedic Multipliers for High Speed Low Power Operations

size:14px;">how  many  ever  novel  designs  are  proposed,  the  user  needs demands much more optimized ones. Vedic mathematics is world renowned  for  its  algorithms  that  yield quicker  results, be  it  for me...

panoramic image mosaic and a rapid optimization algorithm Panoramic Image Stitch...

panoramic image mosaic and a rapid optimization algorithm Panoramic Image Stitching technology a panorama fast algorithm for generating and realization of a fully automatic solid fusion algorithm Image Stitching...


2.5 code Guide This is a Chinese version of the Support Vector Machine against libsvm source-code Guide 2.5 files, from personal experience, you see libsvm procedures save a lot of time and energy! Very rare!...

Adaptive MC-CDMA Multiple Channel Estimation and Tracking over Time-Varying Multipath Fading Channels

space:nowrap;">多载波码分多址访问 (MC-码分多址) 结合多载波传输与直接序列 (DS) 扩频技术。在这项研究,新型的多通道估计,包括数 可能信道模型,并且可以自我调整以适应不同的频道不确定的条件, 提议为 MC-...

research paper on VANET

space:nowrap;">信息之间对基础设施的车辆或车辆与车辆之间有效地交流是成功部署的 VANETs 基石。此信息是应用所需的安全正常工作。所以,这有助于促进有先见之明驾驶,旨在提供一个舒适、 更安全和更高效的交通流,这 V2X 通...

Using Parallel Computing for Adaptive Beamforming Applications

学问减少和改善能力、 数据速率和性能的无线移动通信扩容。智能天线阵列与自适应波束形成性能是非常 e ® 中的目标干扰和多径干扰信号的抑制。分析了在天线放置空值模式来抑制干扰和最大化他们的期望信号方向的增益...

Retinal fundus image segmentation and measurement of diabetic retinopathy in a simple way

Application backgroundDiabetic retinopathy (DR) is one of the most important complications of diabetes mellitus, which causes serious damages in the retina, consequently visual loss and sometimes blindness if necessary medical treatment is not applied on time. One of the difficulties in this illn...


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