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EMD classic article, is to understand the essential use hht article, so that we can clearly understand EMD...


a interpolation algorithm article, Improved algorithm research EMD friends can look at the B-spline interpolation algorithm...


BTT missile control technology is today's missile control of a new technology, Comparing with STT missile control technology, BTT many advantages. In this paper, based on the theory of linear control systems to the feature configuration and model tracking, Lu made the wand control of jitter and...

on FNN right paver Intelligent Fault Recognition Application

on FNN right paver Intelligent Fault Recognition Application...

CANopen 协议介绍流行欧洲的CAN

CANopen protocol introduce popular in Europe high-level CAN-bus protocol...

serial A

serial A-D and D-A converter chip DSP interface method has some practical value...

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