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September 2015 CodeForge most common programming language list

Application backgroundCodeForge website the latest published in September 2015, the most common programming language CodeForge. This list is clearly reflected in the end of September 2015 a variety of programming languages in the world wide range of popular, can be all engaged in the development of...

My favorite programming language ranking list(2014.11)

Please refer to for more details. This report only has Chinese version for this time being....

June 2015 the most common programming language list

Application backgroundCodeForge website latest June 2015 most common programming language list. This list clearly reflects the popularity of various programming languages in the world, and can provide references for all professionals and other professionals engaged in the development of software and...

Synthetic aperture radar imaging with MATLAB algorithms-Wiley Inverse

Application backgroundSynthetic aperture radar imaging with MATLAB algorithms-Wiley. InverseKey TechnologyISAR imaging correlation algorithm, and all with a matching MATLAB procedures. At present, the domestic SAR and ISAR of the open code is not much. In this paper, we provide a more complete syste...

An Introduction to Numeric Computer Programming using MATLAB

These web pages provide a reference source to complement the CAPE lectures - "An Introduction toNumeric Computer Programming using MATLAB". Links are provided for each of the major headingsand for relevant exercises. You should do the exercises before attempting the course work....

A Survey on Sensor Networks

Recent advancement in wireless communications and electronics has enabled the development of low-cost sensor networks. The sensor networks can be used for various application areas (e.g., health, military, home). For different application areas, there are different technical issues that rese...

ocr persian

this is a paper about plate recognize in persian numbers and characters. you can get it,read and implement and compare with another results. this wrrited with iranian in that have veryyy goood site. it is veryy goood....

automatic room light control mini project

This program allows a cool robot to move abound a room in search of light. Like a moth. control applications. It's suitable for electronics hobbyists as well as electronics professionals in - Home automation - Robotics - Mini PLC - Education - Prototyping - HAM related applications - Special effects...

Bayesian Networks application and subsea pipeline risk assessment

Maritime engineering standards for production processes, but is more likely reduce project risks losing expertise and know it's going, so when the lack of experienced experts, or only spoken language while describing the qualitative experience, how to establish a clear risk factor structure, and to...

GUI using the filter in Scilab

Application backgrounda Scilab graphical user-interface (GUI) to apply a filter to a digital image. Both the initial image and the parameters of the filter are to be handled by GUI elements. Additionally, the GUI will handle the generation of the filtered-out image. filters to use: filter2, fspecia...


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