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A mobile social network for efficient contents sharing and searches

In this paper, we focus on constructing a mobile social network over a mobile ad hocnetwork. Although some mobile social networks have been proposed to address contents sharing and search in mobile ad hoc networks, most existing methods incur either high network management overheads or low...

MysqL documentation

This handbook for mysql database for a detailed description, comparison with other databases, including mysql, sql statements were also illustrated, detailed description of the internal mechanism....

A Recommendation-based Matchmaking Scheme for Multiple Mobile Social Networks against Private Data Leakage

Mobile social networks (MSNs) enable users to discover and interact with existing and potential friends both in thecyberspace and in the real world. Although mobile social network applications bring us much convenience, privacyconcerns become the key security issue hindering their wide adoptions. In...

A survey on decentralized Online Social Networks

Because of growing popularity of Online Social Networks (SONs) and huge amount of sensitive shared data, preserving privacy is becoming a major issue for OSN users. While mostONs rely on a centralized architecture, with an omnipotent Service Provider, several decentralized architectures have recentl...


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