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A non-cooperative game of power control

Pricing is a mechanism used to encourage CR users to use resources more efficiently. A pricing function based on SIR is proposed in this paper....

OFDM transmission is a new combined pulse noise mitigation Scheme Research

Abstract —Impulsive noise mitigation for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) can be done with a clipping-nulling scheme using two thresholds. We introduce a new combined impulsive noise mitigation scheme, called clippingreplacement- nulling scheme, in which there are three considered...


More article in the time-varying channel conditions, the adaptive equalization algorithm...


Author of the article through theoretical simulation of the OFDM system, a detailed analysis of neutron ICI ICI impact on system performance...


MODBUS protocol full version of the Chinese past, the information was incomplete, this is a full account of the MODBUS protocol of Chinese data, the development of protocol stack software MOUBUS an important reference...


iso14230-1 car to car communication protocol must support this protocol can be a normal communication...

MT+ Single+ Chip+ Dual+ SIM+ MT6225+ MT6318+ MT6188+ MT6301+ MT6139+ MT6601+ MT6...

MT+ Single+ Chip+ Dual+ SIM+ MT6225+ MT6318+ MT6188+ MT6301+ MT6139+ MT6601+ MT6302 drawings...


ADC DAC-- Scientist s Guide...

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