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Complete hotel management system

wrap !important;">(8)系统稳定、适应性强、操作灵活。...

Express print templates, online designs


Jsp+Mysql video site

color:#FFFFFF;"> JSP support video on demand video website features such as...

Secondary trading site JSP+mysql

family:'Microsoft YaHei';color:#000000;">配置说明 1.首先配置数据库,使用SQL Manager 2005导入数据库备份文件。 默认的数据库名为netshops,用户名为root,密码为19890806 导入备份文件的具体步骤为:点选Services->点选Restore tables。 2.在E盘根...

Design and implementation of online ordering system

Design and implementation of online ordering system, using JSP language database MY SQL, database, source code, paper, screenshots, and reply in PPT, definitely worth holding on to. This paper is my graduation thesis topic, struggling for a long time, because the University did not learn anything, s...

Correcting students ' homework online review system

size:16px;">JSP+SQL server,该系统主要完成了作业的上传,教师对作业的批改,系统得稳定性高,操作简单,通过Internet/Intranet来实现网上作业提交,是现代教育技术的一个具体实现,具有很重要的现实意义。可以实现学生在线提交...

Online airline reservation systems MYSQL database based on Java

Online air ticket booking system based on Java, is based on Mysql database and user management can be achieved, hair stations and arrival of query, order inquiry system!...

School textbook ordering system

size:16px;">代码完整,运用jsp和sql server2000开发的学校教材订购系统,作为课程设计还是挺不错的。页面完整,附带数据库文件,导入到数据库中就可以用了。稍微调试一下就可以用了,只要有点基础的人都能很快搞清思路,运行...

JSP+SQL design and implementation of student attendance system


Javaweb-based reservation system

size:16px;">基于jsp,js,jquery的网上订餐系统,内容很完善,数据库也齐全,是用mysql数据库做的,可以直接导入项目使用.做课设,这是一个很有用的借鉴资料。CREATE TABLE `aboutme` ( `ID` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, `TITLE` varchar(50) NOT...

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